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Kristall Galerie Swakopmund Crystal Gallery Swakopmund. By using logical search terms you can find the company you are looking for  here. Search by name, business description, address, phone number etc

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Kristall Galerie / Crystal Gallery

Map & Directions

Cnr. Tobias Hainyeko / Theo-Ben Gurirab

PO Box 358, Swakopmund

Tel: +264 64 406080

Fax"+264 64 405084



Kristall Gallerie Swakopmund 1


This awe-inspiring natural wonder is estimated to be about 520 million years old. Weighing 14,100kg. It is the only cluster of its kind that has been found and preserved for display. This is the largest of the spectacular collection of "Earth Keepers", minerals and gems to be found in the Kristall Galerie, including a wide variety of quartz crystals, a rainbow array of Tourmalines and many other impressive exhibits.

Keith. the Kristall Galerie is one of Namibia's "Must Sees".

The Kristall Galerie is, in my opinion, one of Namibia's "Must Sees", and I am constantly amazed at how many tourists arrive in town and are unaware of the fascinating treasures this attractive building houses. You simply can't see many of them anywhere else. So, put this on your agenda. I have included my two small mates in a couple of photos so that you can get an idea of the size of some of the exhibits in the gallery.  

 Warm regards, Keith   (Namibia-1on1)

The World's Largest Known of Quartz Crystal Cluster


Kristall Galerie Hall with large crystal clusters

Your journey into the Kristall Galerie will take you through the "cave" which is a replica of the original Otjua Tourmaline Mine with its stunning collection of magnificent crystals.

Young and old enjoy searching for treasures in the “Scratch Pit” that contains an assortment of tumbled semi-precious stones waiting for your discovery. My mates enjoyed their initiation into the "world of stones" tremendously. And, after choosing the best and brightest in the "scratch pit" later surprised us all at how many minerals and gemstones they could identify by name.


There's a  Jewellery Boutique having exquisitely crafted fine jewellery in 14ct and 18ct gold and cut stones. And,  in the Craft Area you can watch the fashioning and finishing of various gift items using gemstones.

You can enjoy a light meal in the Coffee Shop and watch informative videos.

Finish off your visit with a stroll through the Gem Shop that offers you a wide choice of hand-crafted sculptures, exquisite gift items, semi-precious stones, raw materials and crystals for collectors.


Below you can see a small selection of photos of various mineral samples. The 'Illusionary" stone on the left is Pietersite, named after the late Sid Pieters who was the discoverer of this mineral, and also one of the first people I met when I arrived in Namibia in the mid 70s. There are only two known deposits in the world. So, this could be your only opportunity to see this attractive stone.  The Pyrite samples below are excellent and unusual examples.


The Kristall Galerie invites you to visit their display with an appropriate saying,  "Let us introduce you to a world of magic – God’s Hidden Treasures".

Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Pietersite Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Schorl Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Pirites Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Pirites Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Pirites
Illusionary Pietersite Schorl Pyrite Pyrite Pyrite
Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Amethyst Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Quartz Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Rubellite Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Native Copper Kristall Galerie Swakopmund sample of: Selenite
Amethyst Quartz Rubellite Native Copper Selenite


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Kristall Galerie Swakopmund Crystal Gallery Swakopmund